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Basil “Steve” Stephens

Steve is CEO and Managing Partner for Close Range International, Inc. He has extensive investigative and executive protection experience. Steve has conducted hundreds of investigations with positive results. He has taken numerous DOJ and POST training classes in the police academy and has worked with and for the LAPD, FBI, Secret Service, Military Police and numerous security professionals.

Steve has worked and coordinated security for many high profile events and is a mainstay in Hollywood circles where his professionalism, knowledge and work ethic has never been challenged. Executive Protection is his expertise. 

Steve worked exclusively for the entertainer, Madonna, for over 10 years and captured her high profile stalker Robert Hoskins in 1995. Stephens’ testimony helped convict Hoskins of stalking and ensured his long prison sentence. Hoskins, as of 2014, remains in the California State Mental Health System as an extreme danger to the public. ( We only mention this case because of the worldwide media coverage-Close Range International normally will not disclose client’s identity)

Stephens has also provided personal security /executive protection for many other high profile celebrities and “Rock and Roll Royalty” in town and on the road.

Steve Stephens most recently was Security Director at Warner Bros Records in Burbank (2005-2009), providing armed security for executives and artists and conducting stalking investigations. Prior to that position he was Security Director at Maverick Records (1995-2004), Madonna’s label, where he conducted many investigations and managed numerous threats working closely with the LA County District Attorney’s “STAT” Team ( Stalking and Threat Assessment Team-founded by DDA Rhonda Saunders) and the LAPD’s Threat Management Unit. 

During the period he worked for the record company’s, he still managed Close Range International. He now devotes 100% of his time to Close Range International and serving your needs.

Monique Harding

Monique is a Partner/Executive VP Close Range InternationaI Inc & Executive Director for Close Range International, Inc.  Monique Harding hails from Australia, and has been living in the USA for many years. Monique attended a local university to study psychology with a minor in child psychology.

After receiving a management job offer in the entertainment industry that included a move to the United States, Monique became a Producer.

Throughout her career, Monique had the opportunity to work for many industry companies and notables while traveling the world for both work and pleasure. Monique returned to school and then gained a business degree.

After many years in a career that entailed extensive travel, Monique committed herself to a career change to what had previously been a vocation and life-long passion, helping others. She has a vast knowledge of the disease of addiction and mental health and it's effects on individuals, families and human behavior. Monique has continued her education and passion for learning becoming an Arise Model Interventionist and attended many local workshops and conferences for the continued expansion of her knowledge.

Beginning in 2012, Monique committed herself to another career change. Becoming a Red Cross Approved CPR/AED Instructor, and partnering with Basil Stephens to open up Close Range Safety Training Academy in the Miracle Mile; certifying healthcare professionals and lay persons in life saving techniques. Monique is also the Executive Director of the Academy, which offers full California BSIS Licensed, Security/Firearms/Baton & TaserTraining , as well as Live Scan for Security and all other regulated professions in California.

Monique also is also a principal in the Private Investigation/Security/Executive Protection portion of Close Range International.

John Henry

John is an executive protection specialist and private investigator working for Close Range International. He also handles cold case investigations, missing person's investigations and background investigations for employers. 

John has extensive experience as a lead investigator in complex and high-profile investigations, which include narcotics, homicides and other crimes against persons. He holds more than 30 years of experience as a patrol officer with the Santa Monica Police Department. He has also worked as a detective for Robbery/Homicide and Narcotics department. As a result of his experience, he's gained intimate knowledge and understanding of criminal law and procedure.

His experience in the force has allowed him to develop a proficiency in all areas of investigations, such as interviewing victims, witnesses and suspects, collection of evidence and report writing. 

Throughout his career, John has demonstrated tenacity and compassion, essential qualities in the field of investigations.

Johnny "JT" Turner 

JT Turner is a lead instructor for Close Range Safety Training Academy and a field investigator for Close Range International. JT brings 32 years of law enforcement experience from the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) and City or San Bernardino Police Department. While serving in AFOSI, JT worked primarily undercover narcotic investigations and Protective Service Operations receiving an Air Force Achievement Metal, Air Force Commendation Award and the Air Force Investigator of the Year for 1988.

JT served 23 years for the City of San Bernardino Police Department. He worked Patrol Division, SWAT, Hostage Negotiations Team, Rapid Deployment Civil Unrest Team, Street Gang Investigations, Parole Coordinator/District Resource Officer, Range Master and Community Programs/DARE. As a court certified street gang expert, he wrote a civil gang injunction versus a violent San Bernardino street gang “Delman Heights Bloods”. This gang has now been successfully prosecuted by federal law enforcement under the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).

JT is a certified California Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) instructor. JT was a departmental trainer for Conflict Resolution and Ethics, Active Shooter, Tactical Firearms, Taser, several Homeland Security Counterterrorism courses and the National Incident Management System (NIMS). He wrote and directed a recruitment video for Personnel and Training Division, as well as, a policing philosophy video “Bridge to the Future” which was shown nationwide as a training prospectus for police departments adopting the Community Oriented Policing model. He is a California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) certified firearms instructor.

Donald C. "Rusty" McMillen

Rusty is an investigations and security management specialist working for Close Range International. He brings 31 years of law enforcement experience served with the Wichita Police Department, the Dallas Police Department, and with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). While in the DEA, Rusty served as a Special Agent in the U.S., a Special Operations Agent in South America, a DEA Task Force Supervisor, and an inspector with the DEA's Office of Professional Responsibility. 

After retiring from the DEA, he served as a Management Specialist and Internal Affairs Advisor to the Paraguayan National Police, and a background investigator for the City of Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Police Department. 

He is considered an expert in the investigation of complex criminal and administrative investigations and has conducted hundreds of conspiracy investigations involving multiple U.S. and foreign jurisdictions. Rusty has also been certified as DEA Firearms and Tactical Operations Instructor for over 20 years. 

Andy Purdy

Andy is an investigator for Close Range International and instructor at Close Range Safety Training Academy. Andy retired after nearly 30 years as a detective for the Los Angeles Police Department. He worked the majority of his detective assignments in homicide. The remainder of his duties was in robbery and sex crimes. He completed the last five years of his career as the robbery squad supervisor.

Andy also worked as a patrol officer and while in Hollywood, he was involved in a violent gun battle on Sunset Blvd. He and his rookie partner were pursuing an armed suspect as he attempted to flee in a stolen vehicle. After the suspect crashed, he engaged Andy and his partner by firing at them with a military assault rifle. Andy while armed with only a pistol returned fire and killed the gunman as the suspect was trying to enter a busy restaurant filled with potential hostages. The police department decorated Andy for his actions that saved the lives of many people inside that restaurant.

Andy moved to a detective assignment in Hollywood, where he was assigned as a sex crimes investigator. He was responsible for solving many horrific sexual assaults, which included abductions, false imprisonment, torture, stalking, and violent rape. A single case in the early 1991, which involved the kidnap, torture, rape and false imprisonment of two women by four east Los Angeles gang members took 19 years to bring three of the four suspects to justice. In 2010, the last suspect was convicted by a jury of nearly 75 counts related to the horrific crimes to the two victims. He was sentenced to a record 900 plus years in state prison. One of the suspects was killed in a drive-by shooting several months after the kidnapping and before he could be arrested for his involvement. The third suspect was arrested within months of committing the crime as he attempted to flee to Mexico. He received a sentence of 500 plus years.

While still in Hollywood, Andy was transferred to Hollywood Homicide, where he and his partner handled 15 to 20 murders a year of the total of 40 to 50 that occurred on average each year in the Hollywood Division.

Andy would also handle the occasional special investigation that would be subject to an undue amount of media attention. One such case was the Madonna stalking case in 1995. A drifter from the Pacific Northwest, Robert Dewey Hoskins traveled to the Hollywood Hills to find and stalk Madonna. Hoskins entered Madonna’s property and was shot by security in an act of self-defense. Hoskins, who survived his wounds, had threatened to kill Madonna, her security and her staff. Andy was the lead investigator and was successful along with the DA’s office in insuring that Hoskins was given the max sentence allowed under the law.

In his years as a detective, Andy’s pursuit of criminals has taken him all over the country as well as Mexico City where he filed a murder case with the federal prosecutor. 


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