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Close Range International Inc.’s team of highly trained Executive Protection Specialists will investigate and evaluate your concerns and make recommendations accordingly to ensure your personal protection and to accommodate your needs.
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Some of The Executive and Personal Protection Services That We Offer Include:

Executive Protection

     Plainclothes Off -Duty & Retired Armed Law Enforcement Officers & Highly Trained Security Professionals to 
     Escort You Anywhere 

Advance Security
     Executive Protection Specialists go to venues, prior to your planned trip, to expedite your arrival and 
     departure and to evaluate the safety of the location

Tour Security
     Advance Tour Security-Venue Security Mgmt-“Principal Executive Protection”-Laminate Control

Executive Transportation
     Secure Vehicles/Secure Private Air Travel/Escort for Commercial Travel

Uniformed Armed and Unarmed Security Officers
     All Occasions

Estate /Residential Security
     Uniformed- Armed Guards to Patrol Your Property

Church/Temple/Synagogue Security
     Armed Plainclothes Officers mingle with congregation for their safety and security

Electronic Surveillance Countermeasures
     Do you think you are being “bugged”

Physical Security Surveys
We will evaluate your home and office and make written recommendations for your security and safety

Security Systems Design
      CCTV, Exterior Lighting Design, Alarms, Off-Site Monitoring from your computer

Access Control Systems
     Installation and Monitoring

Safe Rooms
     Design, Construction and Maintenance

Canine Bomb Detection
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