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Close Range International, Inc has highly trained, retired law enforcement officers who are licensed private investigators with years of experience investigating and solving crimes. 


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Some of The Investigative Services That We Offer Include:

Stalking Investigations/Threat Management

     Coordinate Police/Psychologists/Attorneys - Manage Your Case From Start To Finish

Restraining Orders
     Gather Evidence for Attorneys - Help in Preparation

Threat Assessments/Psychological Profiles
     Formulated with a Police and Forensic Psychologist

Unsolved Criminal Cases
     Homicide, Burglary, Kidnapping, Robbery, Fraud, Sexual Offenses

Civil Investigations
     We Investigate and Collect Evidence for Civil Suits

Corporate Investigations
     Embezzlement, Theft, Sexual Harassment, Etc

Computer Forensics
     Has Your Email Been Compromised - Is Someone Spying on You Via Your Computer


Insurance/Workmen’s Compensation
     Investigate Fraud in Workmen’s Compensation Claims

Process Service
     Serve Suspects/Defendants Court Orders

Complete Background Investigations
     Criminal, Civil, Credit History, Education, Employment Verification, Driving Record and Sex Offender Searches

Locate Missing Persons

Locate Witnesses


Financial Investigations
     Asset Search

Identity Theft

Forensic Artist Renditions
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